Appendix B

Assessing Risk, Resilience, and States of Neural Integration

Worksheet B-1: Identifying Risk and Resilience

In Chapter 3, we discussed Stress and Coping theory, a metaframe for identifying factors that contribute to our capacity to be resilient or at risk when under stress or recovering from a traumatic event. Using the examples provided in Chapter 3, identify a current or previous student of concern, and apply the constructs of the metatheory as indicated in each of the four boxes. Refer to Chapter 3 for concept descriptions and the example we discussed of Charlotte and Ben.


  1. Student of Concern: Describe the life history, academic, or social-emotional struggles you observed that contributed to your concern. Remember to use pseudonyms, and obscure all identifying data.
  2. Describe Observations: To the best of your recollection, describe identifying features or behavioral indicators for each of the four elements below.
  3. Use this information at the conclusion of working through Worksheet B-2 to aid in the design of scaffolded social-emotional skill building, as discussed in Section II of this text.

A = Event

Stressor Descriptions




B = Resources

  • Internal; and
  • External



C = Perspectives




(A)+(B)+(C) = (X)

X = Signs of Coping and Distress




Worksheet B-2: Domains of Neural Integration Assessment and Planning


Refer to your reflections in Worksheet A-3 and Figure 2.5 for a description of each domain.

  1. In column 2, “Observed Strengths,” identify how your student is displaying strengths and abilities in this domain.
  2. In column 3, “Observed Struggles,” identify limits or difficulties in this domain.
  3. In column 4, identify skill-building social-emotional learning activities to increase student awareness of, and abilities in, this domain.
  4. Refer to this worksheet again in Section II as you develop a Classroom Action Plan for TISP Phase II activities.
Domains of Neural Integration Observed Strengths Observed Struggles Activities to Teach About the Domain and Strength


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